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Cambodia’s #1 Academy for Advanced Data Science, where you get  Paid to Train and a Guaranteed Job or you get your money back.

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Are you looking to train as a data scientist and land your dream job?

As Cambodia’s #1 Advanced Data Science Academy, we work with the very best companies locally and internationally to find, train and deploy people just like you into exciting Data Science Jobs


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Our transformational learning thats why.

Our widespread approach allows trainees to develop through a transformational learning experience in both soft and hard skills; enabling you to shape the future and land your dream job.

Pushing you harder than yesterday for you to have a better tomorrow!

We are Cambodia’s #1 Advanced Data Science Academy

Soft Skills

We dedicate 40% of the programme to soft skills development, where we create well- rounded, resilient and future forward candidates.

Hard Skills

The other 60% you will learn the fundamentals of data science, enhanced through practice, repetition, and education.

Our Current Client List

Our Data Science training programme employs talented individuals. They are trained to address the knowledge and skills gaps our clients need. We are pleased to work and secure a number of data expert jobs with a growing number of leading organisations in Cambodia, who include:

If you are looking to unlock the value of your data and move into a digital transformational world then get in contact with the team now.


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Creating Tomorrow's Data Leaders, Today!

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