DataU Academy and Mekong Big Data are officially Atlassian’s partners in Cambodia

Mekong Big Data (MBD) and DataU Academy have signed a partnership agreement with Atlassian, the Australian technology giant responsible for world leading products like Jira and Trello.

Under this partnership MBD will represent Atlassian’s products in Cambodia and support Atlassian’s existing and future customers to maximise the benefits of their enterprise technology tool kits. 

Atlassian have developed software and tools within their ecosystem that support the most modern and high performing IT teams around the world. 83% of Fortune 500 companies attest to this by choosing Jira Software to run their Agile and Scrum teams and projects. 

Atlassian are one of the most pioneering companies in the world in the area of ‘DevOps’ or ‘Development Operations’. This set of principles about running IT departments covers people, processes and technology and has become the dominant global choice for IT best practice. DevOps helps teams deliver high quality, high performance IT products to customers with less down time, faster iterations and better feedback loops. 

DataU Academy was recognised by Atlassian as an innovative approach to digital skills development in Cambodia and enthusiastically supported the creation of new training programs in Scrum Master, Product Ownership, Agile Mindset and Jira Engineering. These programs aim to be available in early 2022 and support Cambodian companies investing in IT best practices. 

As well as supporting implementation and adoption programs the partnership will also offer Cambodian customers of Atlassian localised billing providing immediate savings. 

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