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Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us.

The dates for the next cohort are TBC. To stay updated about future cohorts and assessment deadlines, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram and keep a look out for the next assessment process.

1. Pre-assessment quiz – we will send out a link for; SQL, English and Maths quizzes for you to complete. Once successfully completed we will inform you of the next stage.

2. Assessment day, involves a face to face interview and group activity so that we can find out a little more about you and why you want to be a part of the journey.

The only prerequisites are advanced English, a working laptop (preferably 8GB RAM) and a good abstract and critical thinking. However, we want all trainees to be on the same level initially, so we reserve the right to send the participant some materials to go through before the beginning of the bootcamp. You will also be expected to complete the pre-assessment quizzes before moving into the next stage.

Keep a look out for our Facebook adverts for pre-assessments. These will be in SQL, English and Maths/

Once successfully completed you will be invited to attend an assessment day. After assessment day we will inform you if you have made it through to the programme.

The training programme cost $6000 and this includes; you working from an industry led curriculum focusing on both hard and soft skills, career progression and opportunities to work locally and internationally.

Yes and the interest fee is 15%

The loan itself is a collateral free loan but your parents will need to guarantee the loan.

Plus you do not need to pay the loan back until month 7 once you have secured a high paid, full time role.

Pay only after the programme at month 7, as low as $219 per month

This is an intense full time (6 months) programme, where you will be expected to study Monday to Friday from 9AM – 5PM

During you training you will be trained by industry experts who will provide and will guide you through a unique global training model with a strong focus on up-skilling and recruitment.

The training program takes place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is a full-time on-site program. Unfortunately, we can’t allow remote participation. DataU Academy is located at the Raintree building, which is one of Cambodia’s well known establishments.

You can find the curriculum on our curriculum page.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Access to world class curriculum, trainers and mentors
  2. High paid job or get your money back guaranteed
  3. Get paid to train
  4. Global career
  5. Access to alumni and mentors network 1 year continued learning & mentoring access
  6. Soft skills development

We have a 100% placement success and we’ll work with you to ensure you will get a job within 5 months from graduation

In Cambodia the entry level is $1000 and as you move up on the ladder you can earn up to $6000 once you become more experienced.

In the next 5 year, globally there will be required up to 11.4M new data scientists

Every student will receive a learning salary of $300 a month. We can also offer additional $50 funding a month for those who really need

Trainees will have a large team dedicated to finding them high-paying jobs. We will arrange interviews and meetings with potential employers, help with their CV’s and interview preparation / soft skills. If they are unable to find a job within 5 months of graduating we will give them $2,000 back (33.3% of their fee).

Sure! Trainees may choose to pay the $6000 upfront or pay nothing during their studies. They will pay after the programme with our student loan program. To make this possible we have partnered with a leading financial service provider to enable you to undertake the training program without paying until you graduate. In other words, successful students can pay at month 7 after 4 months training and additional 3 months grace period. This is an amazing opportunity to allow everyone to access advanced training programme and job opportunities in the field of data and technology.

If you have any further questions and you couldn’t find answers on our website just let us know on the contact us page.