GIZ Partners with DataU & Mekong Big Data to Develop Cambodian Digital Talent

Makosch Moritz, Advisor at GIZ & Joseph Telfer, Managing Partner DataU sign contract to implement DataU program in Siem Reap

Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) partners with DataU to expand its digital skills program in Siem Reap. Building employability by providing transformational opportunities for youth affected by Covid-19.

Phnom Penh, March 18, 2020

Cambodia’s leading providers of Digital & Data capacity building, expand program to Siem Reap. With support from German Development Cooperation, DataU will run its first pilot cohort for Siem Reap in April.

Developing digital talent is crucial for the city, to reduce economic vulnerability. Preparing youth for employment is essential to recover from the economic effect pandemic.

The program will screen over 500 applicants and take place over 3 months. All competing for only 30 positions. Successful candidates will undergo a rigorous training on essential digital technologies & soft skills. A career fair upon graduation, will provide businesses early access to this talent. Part of the funding will go towards a Train the trainers program building local capacity.

“GIZ wants to invest in innovative solutions, tackling the economic effects of Covid-19.  DataU’s track record and placement rate of its trainees aligned with our objectives.  The partnership creates direct impact on businesses and communities.  Especially young people returning home suffering job losses due to the pandemic.  It sets the stage for innovation & growth opportunities for Siem Reap.” – Makosch, Moritz, Advisor at GIZ

“DataU has been at the core of developing corporate Cambodia’s Digital Talent over the last 2 years. Known for our world-class Data Science training program. DataU aims to change perceptions of Cambodia as a Data Science an international center of excellence. Poised to enable this transformation, by bridging the skill gap for our clients.  We are on track with partners like GIZ who share our vision for a new Cambodia. DataU has a 100% trainee placement rate. Backed by Phillip Bank, UK Innovation Fund & our clients Wing, Amret Microfinance, Bongthom, Ezecom & Cellcard.”- Joseph Telfer, Managing Partner DataU

Providing “hard skills” the academy focuses on upskilling the “soft skills” of trainees. With 40 percent of classroom time spent on dealing with both cultural and social norms. Such as resistance to speaking up and self-limiting belief. 

About DataU

DataU is part of the award-winning Mekong Big Data family, a Cambodia based Data Science consultancy. We work with the nation’s leading Telcos, Banks, FinTechs, FMCGs, Media, NGOs and ISPs to name a few.

Our team includes technologists, data scientists, analysts and business, education & soft-skills professionals from Google, JP Morgan, McKinsey, Standard Chartered, Generali, WHO, UCL, MIT, Yale and Harvard.

DataU is on a mission to affect change, create new, multi-generational opportunities. Reimagining the growth of a nation; creating tomorrow’s data leaders, today.

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