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Learn New Digital Skills with DataU

Learn New Digital Skills & Access Exciting New Job Opportunities in Siem Reap

Join DataU’s brand new Siem Reap programme and learn the data skills you need to change or improve your employment opportunities, today!

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It’s official, DataU, Cambodia’s #1 Data & Digital Training Academy has arrived in Siem Reap!

Working with leading development partners including GIZ and local businesses we are excited to announce our first Completely Free Programme designed to up-skill the Siem Reap workforce with powerful new data and marketing skills.

Whether your job was affected by COVID-19 or you are simply looking to change your career prospects, this programme will help you gain the skills you need to join and excel in the prosperous digital and data jobs markets.

What you will learn

Working with industry experts, entrepreneurs and employers, you will learn some of the latest digital marketing and data analytics skills. By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Perform Data Engineering – capturing data using digital tools and collection methods
  • Clean Data – and get it ready for analysis
  • Perform Data Analysis – understanding what data is telling you and how to use those insights
  • Visualise Data – helping you present data through charts and presentations
  • Manage Projects – learn to use leading digital project management tools and techniques

You will also learn a number of critical soft skills, including:

  • Presentation Skills – helping you share your data and insights with stakeholders and clients
  • Confidence – being more confident will help you in all areas of work and life
  • Communication – communicating your ideas and data is a skill, we’ll teach you how
  • Negotiation Skills – learn how to negotiate with clients and stakeholders for project success

About the Programme


When will it start: 24th May, 2021
How long will it last: 4 weeks
How much will it cost: $0 – it’s free!
Get hired: We’re working with local employers looking to hire you, now!

Hurry, spaces are VERY limited.

Click Apply now to register for your chance to join this life changing opportunity.


You do not need any specific existing technical knowledge to join the programme, but will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Age: 18-35
  • Laptop: you must bring your own laptop computer (you will need to be able to access the internet to use some of the tools and software you will work with during the programme)
  • English: although we will have khmer speaking trainers / supporters, all course material will be delivered in English; so you will need to be able to understand (read, write and speak) English to a good level.


Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to our programme manager Sokuntheary May for any questions or more information.
Name: Sokuntheary May
Position: Programme Manager
Tel: 077685189